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Power to the People

In my view, not for a great number of years, has the UK electorate felt so remote from their politicians. Our members of parliament, from the prime minister down claim to be listening to us, but just who are they listening to?

This government has been in power so long, they have forgotten how to listen, they have lost touch with their voters and no matter where you go, everyone appease to be equally frustrated…and who can blame them?

The electorate could be forgiven for believing that the politicians only listen to the press and who gave them the right to talk for us? They seem to dip their toe in the water and then read the press the following day, if there is no outcry, then it becomes government policy. These are just gesture politics. Anyone that believes we live in a democracy is simply fooling themselves. The simple truth is over 62m people are rules by some 650 MP’s. Few if any, actually bother to talk to their voters unless, or until it becomes a necessity because of an impending election.

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