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Geoff Hoon (buffoon) denies public civil liberties

Transport Secretary, Geoff Hoon, also know as Geoff the Buffoon has indicated that he is prepared to ignore our civil liberties in support of the proposed database that Jacqi Smith wants to bring in.

When asked on BBC’s question time by Lib Dems’ communities spokeswoman Julia Goldsworthy “How much more control can they have. How far is he prepared to go to undermine civil liberties?”. Geoff Hoon interupted with the following response “To stop terrorists killing people in our society, quite a long way actually. “If they are going to use the internet to communicate with each other and we don’t have the power to deal with that, then you are giving a licence to terrorists to kill people.”

This is further evidence if any were needed that this government and it’s minister will go to any lengths to further pry into the private affairs of its citizins, in the complete knowledge that this will infringe our civil liberties as was actually knowledged by Hoon’s statement. This government continues to use fear as a weapon to increase their hold over the public and it has got to stop. The majority of people shrug their shoulders, but they shouldn’t, they must sit up and take notice. We are already the most spied nation on earth with some 4.2m CCTV cameras, but do you feel any safer..No!

This is what I said in my article yesterday (Public must call time on Big Brother Britain):

It is expected that plans to collect more data on people’s phone, e-mail and web-browsing habits will be included in the innocuously sounding ”Communications Data Bill”, due to be introduced in the Queen’s Speech in November. By all accounts, these proposals are supported by Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, Gordon Brown and much of the Labour government. Once again, the government is expected to justify this gross intrusion into the personal lives of 65m people under the auspices of ‘counter-terrorism’, this is utter garbage, they know it and we know it. Yes, there are terrorists out there and they don’t wear badges, but this country has faced terrorism before and the security forces managed to investigate and prosecute without such laws.

There is a radio advert doing the rounds at the moment which claims that some 6 plumbers per week, die from asbestos related diseases. That is over 300 per year. In 2007, some 2940 people were killed on our roads. In spite of these appalling numbers, we have not witnessed a massive increase in legislation to prevent these deaths, or a massive erosion of our civil liberties. As attrocious and upsetting as the July bombings were, in the 3 years since, 3 times as many farmers were killed in farm accidents. Police and security forces have received a significant increase in budgets for front-line personnel in name name of combatting terrorism and I have no criticsm of this extra money, but it is time we put it into perspective.

How many people have been killed over the years to protect the civil liberties and freedoms we used to enjoy until New Labour came to power? How many people have died to protect us from tyranny? The answer is millions. For 30 years we endured terrorism on the mainland, yet no government sought to remove our rights and freedoms, this has been left to New Labour. It is fear that ensures public compliance, but this is actually manipulation. This government, your government wants to read your emails, monitor your telephone calls and texts and look over your shoulder as you read this article. How is that going to stop terrorists?

Whenever the government wants to get legislation through that seeks to remove our rights as citizens and our liberties, they come up with another “plot”, take your mind back. In fact, they did the same thing only a few days ago, this time when they wanted to extend the detention without trial from 28 to 42 days. Our own government is manipulating it’s people, it is raising the stakes by trying to promote fear, yet, if you are a farmer, you are more likely to be killed at work that my a terrorist, you are more likely in fact, to die in a plane accident, than die at the hands of a terrorist. Knowledge is power and this government is obsessed with power. they know that is they have knowledge of it’s citizens, then they have ultimate power. Yet, we are supposed to be in charge, not them.

We must tell our elected member of parliament that enough is enough, we must instruct them not to vote for this draconan piece of legislation. This is what I proposed in my article yesterday.

We must demonstrate to our MP’s that they should be more in fear of the wrath of the British public that the Chief Whip of their own parties. Opposition MP’s should do their jobs and oppose this draconian piece of legislation. We must also warn our local members of parliament that if they vote for this Act, that we will not vote for them, we must make it clear, that we have a voice, not once every 5 years, but throughout their tenure and that we will have it heard. Everyone that feels this Act is a direct infringement of our civil liberties, right to privacy and an attack on the very fabric of our society, should write to their MP and tell them so. I have provided a ‘draft letter’ which can be viewed, personalised and sent to your MP. Draft Letter to MP

I would also invite all fellow bloggers that feel as strongly as I do on this issue to reproduce this article in part or full, topped and tailed if they wish, to publicise this issue to as many people as possible. Let us all stand up and fight in this issue, and remind this government who is actually in charge.


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  1. Nemo Adesti Says:

    I watched Hoon’s ludicrous performance on Question Time with the same disbelief as ‘Frustrated Voter’. I have no doubt that he, along with the rest of the Zanu Labour Stasi are doing all in their power to erode our Freedoms/Rights/Country. In short, they are Traitors of the worst kind. I recall only a few yrears back Hoon claiming Saddam had W.M.D.s – where were they Hoon?
    His claim that “…if they are going to use the internet to communicate with each other and we don’t have the power to deal with that, then you are giving a licence to terrorists to kill people.” How I’d love to hear him say that to my face. The IRA – a genuine terror group – blew up my town a few times, with casualties/fatalities. yet I oppose this latest invasive snoop into our lives. Does that make me an associate of terrorists? No. We ended the war with the IRA not by destroying the Freedoms millions of our countrymen and women died to defend, but by keeping our rights and laws. We did not change or give in. The so called war on terror is a War On Democracy.
    A final thought:

    “If you’ve done nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry abut, if you’ve got nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. (ZaNu Labour Mantra, c.2008)”

    “Oh Yeah? So tell me, why did Jacqui Smith and 171 other ZaNu Labour MPs vote to keep their expense lists’ SECRET??????????? Got somehthing to hide?” (Nemo reposte. c2008)


  2. Shrewdy Says:

    I missed “Hoon the Goon”‘s performance and I am glad I did, it would cost me too much to replace my tv and having to spend 6 weeks off work with a busted foot would not do me any good.

    In all seriousness, I do think the the government need to be very careful now because the population WILL snap and when it does, it won’t be pretty. I know they have the Police to back them up but heck, they can’t arrest us all. Most people in this country have nothing to lose in taking part in an entirely justified civil disobedience program….one wonders just how far the Army and Police would go if it came to it, I don’t think they would put up too much of a fight because there are more of us than them 😉

    In my darker moments I just want to leave this country but then I think, right now there is a war on for our rights and I can’t go AWOL.

    Have you people taken the NO2ID pledge?

    Hey Nemo, I think “RESIST!” should become a new meme for showing people of the same mind, we should propagate that as a signature on all blog posts and comments….I can feel a signature logo coming on…

    You know, in the UK in the last 10 years how many people have died from acts of terrorism versus cancer? And the governments budget for terrorism dwarfs that of their expenditure on cancer research…


  3. Another Day Says:

    As long as we have party politics, then the use of the ‘terrorism’ card we’ll always be with us. It is being used to justify any tangential policy because any opposition to the policy can be portrayed as being soft on terrorism.

    It also means that opposition to bills that have small objectionable parts can be portrayed as opposition to the whole subject. For example, Jacqui Smith did suggest after the 42 days defeat that a whole raft of good measures would be lost because of the defeat – ignoring the fact that it was being wed to 42 days that defeated other good measures.

    Generally, if the Government try to justify anything by reference to terrorism, then it will likely be bad measure.

  4. Frustrated Voter Says:

    Shrewdy: I think you are right, people are beginning to become more vocal in the in opposition to government policy and I hope, it may make our MP’s sit up and listen, but I doubt it. I agree, RESIST is an excellent way of identifying those people that disagree with this government


  5. Frustrated Voter Says:

    Another Day: Agree completely. As always with this particular government, the devil is always in the detail and few of us get to hear of it unless, or until one of the journalists raises it, or after the event, when we get caught up in it. An appalling state of affairs for a “free and democratic” country!

  6. Shrewdy Says:

    I have decided to use the category and tag RESIST on all my postings on my blog so it becomes more visible on the web…perhaps anyone who reads this or writes a blog can do likewise?

    I have out a meme image on my (new) blog – you can all feel free to use it, or let me know and I will send you a copy…

  7. Frustrated Voter Says:

    Sounds like a good idea Shrewdy. I will update as suggested.

  8. Shrewdy Says:

    Just a quick note old bean but could you update your kind link for my blog to point to pls?

    many thanks 😉

  9. Frustrated Voter Says:

    It has been done! 🙂

  10. Shrewdy Says:

    Do you have a teeny blog link button for PtTP that I can put on my site??

  11. Frustrated Voter Says:

    Sure, can do. If you let me know the size I will sort it out. Thanks 😉

  12. Charlie Says:

    I really don’t understand this legislation. Surely any sensible terrorist will use encryption, which means that the Government will be none the wiser anyway.

    The only real data that they will be harvesting will be ours, the taxpayers.

    The only way I will find this acceptable is if we run a small scale pilot study, say with 646 people for about two years. If the Government can keep that safe then maybe it won’t be too bad, of course the other condition for me would be that the pilot study group is made up entirely if MPs.

    I don’t think for one minute that they have that much faith in the system!

  13. Frustrated Voter Says:

    Excellent idea Charlie, I would like to second the motion, would this be considered a democratic process? Oh, well doesn’t really matter, democracy went out of the window with our civil liberties in 1997.

  14. brian powell Says:

    It surprises me that people haven’t realised yet how successive governments have been ‘uneducating’ the general population for coming up to 50 years.This has been done in an attempt to make ‘governing’ easier.A less well educated populace is less likely to become involved in politics,or to care what those in politics do.Therefore it becomes easier for those inpower to do whatever they want without the silent majority even realising whats happened until,what could be generations later.As for Chancellor Brown,as was,I didn’t notice anyone raising questions when he ‘stole’ billions from our National Insurance Fund.I for one would love to know where that went.

  15. brian powell Says:

    I find it outrageous that in the first Gulf war our soldiers weren’t provided with enough up to date equipment and yet some ten+ years later, in another war in the same area, our ground forces still don’t have sufficient protective equipment. If they were only incompetent Bankers who were in danger of not making as biga profit as they think they have the right to.

  16. Frustrated Voter Says:

    You make a good point Brian, schools do not cover politics and they must of people are to understand what the implication of their rule can be. I also pick up your point on the great National Insurance robbery, I understood when NI was increased for employees and employers, that the money was going into health, in fact, they decided take our money and then use PFI to fund health service expansion, it is one of the largest robberies of all time.

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