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Big Brother Britain and a new Database for travel

At a time when we should all be considering tightening our belts, the government of Big Brother Britain has decided to set up yet another database to spy and record details of British citizens travel arrangements. Once again, this has is being justified on the pretext of national security. Quite apart from the fact that this government has proven itself incapable of introducing working databases on budget, the fact remains that it is entirely unnecessary. This database has nothing to do with security and everything to do with government control over its citizens. There is simply no way that this government can justify spying on 60m people in order that they can track, at most, a few thousand potential terrorists.

This is in addition to the governments intention to record every email, text message and telephone call, plus our Internet browsing habits. It is high time the British public started asking why on earth this government needs so much information on its citizens. It is estimated that the Big Brother Britain database for spying on calls and Internet traffic will cost £12bn, it is therefore, reasonable to assume that this latest database will cost at least 50% of the costs, therefore another £6bn, minimum. These two databases are equivalent to the cost of 300 new hospitals!

Once again, thus far, the opposition parties have been noticeable by their absence, they should be refusing to support this oppressive, civil liberty busting voyeurism of this Labour government. They should be promising to scrap such databases or repealing legislation that permits the collection of this data. There has been a complete lack of any justification by this government, presumably to ensure that there is as little publicity as possible whilst they try and sneak this programme through the back door.

Wake up Cameron, wake up Clegg and wake up people, this is becoming completely unacceptable, in terms of our liberty, right to privacy and of course, the excessive cost at a time when we can least afford it. We are already spied on by some 4m cameras, information on our children, their welfare, schooling, carers, health and so on is already being stored in a government database. This government is introducing a cradle to grave spying programme on its own citizens, it is time to say enough is enough. It has already been noted that we are one of the most spied on nations anywhere in the world, alongside places such as North Korea. Surely that must ring alarm bells for even the most complacent British citizen?

This latest database will store names, addresses, telephone numbers, seat reservations, travel itineraries and credit card details of travellers. The notion that if you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear is total nonesense. Why? Because is presupposes that the people that have access to this information will use it for legitimate purposes. How can we be certain when this government has already allowed thousands of agencies, public and private access to our personal information that is already stored? Enough is enough, stand up and be counted people, and Mr Cameron, get off your backside and say something, either you support this destruction of our civil liberties, or you must fight against it, show some backbone, prove to the people of this country that you are not a lighweight. Say no to Big Brother Britain – RESIST!

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  1. SpeakOut Says:

    The people of this country need to catch a wake up before it is too late to put the genie back in the box. It makes you wonder whether all politicians secretly want to have a situation where they have massive amounts of information on the public to suit their end game. The people of this country are literally sleepwalking into a environment controlled completely by government.

  2. MindOverMatter Says:

    We really are getting into an Orwellian society, this government will be able to track each and everyone of its citizens, as you say, from cradle to death. I cannot see why they could possible need so much information on the people of this country, the terrorism threat does not stack up, they could probably spend a fraction of what they are talking about and track every suspect travelling to or into the Uk, as well as those already here.

  3. British Politics Says:

    I was going to post on this subject, but you have stated everything I would want have covered. Well argued points. Cheers!

  4. Chris H Says:

    I am becoming more perturbed by the day at the seeming lack of opposition to these databases, from the Conservatives. None of the main Tory webpages ever seem to mention them. Maybe they are simply playing tactics….I don’t know. The Lords have already voiced their views, although they just keep saying that we are “heading towards” a surveillance state, rather than “we are in one”, which is more the truth.
    Or do they know something that we don’t? is it that we are already stuffed, and that they can’t find a legal way out of it all? Surely not?
    For those who argue that other countries already have ID cards and traveller-tracking, well yes they do, but they don’t have the all-seeing eye of the super-databases that Labour wants to construct. I’m afraid that there are still an awful lot of UK folk who think that the proposed systems are “wonderful” and will keep the terrorists away. Sadly, many people will actually welcome an ID card plus surveillance because it makes them feel “important”…..someone (nanny Government) cares enough about them to watch their every move and hold their feeding-bottle for them.
    I agree fully that government should be focusing money and thought on more important issues. Cameron has said he would scrap the databases and if he means it sincerely then I wish he’d say it more often and more loudly, along with the rest of the party.
    As a 50-something, I can tell you I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. It’s bad. All of it. And we need to find some spine, otherwise by 2010 we will have been walked all over, and no change of government will make any difference at all. 20 million people died in two wars for the right to be free……now complacent Brits are handing it all back again for dubious “security”. I am frustrated deeply, for I too don’t know how to land my blows on the government where it hurts. Our main tool is the ballot-box.

  5. Frustrated Voter Says:

    @ Chris H: Thanks for your comments. I could not agree with you more, it really needs some action and now!

  6. Charlie Says:

    Great article. It is terrifying the amount of information that this Government wants to hold and it amazes me that most people in Britain seem to trust them with it. I suppose it is becuause we instinctively believe that Government can be trusted!

    I think that a few may be convinced of the dangers if they knew just how many private companies actually had hold of their data. Many wrongly assume that the information is held only by the likes of the inland revenue and the work and pensions department, when in reality many, many private companies have contracts with the Goverment and have access to or worse even look after it.

    The Government already sells the electoral roll information and DVLA information.

    As for the why, I think it is the same reason that large companies want our information, so as to better target marketing and advertising. In the Governments case, if they know us all intimately they will know how to target their spin, and how best to work their policies so as few people as possible are alarmed or complain.

  7. Frustrated Voter Says:

    @ Charlie: Thanks for your comments: How long do you think it will be before the local authorities access this information to see if parents have taken their kids on holiday during school term? Then, and perhaps only then, will the majority of the people in this country realise just how intrusive our government has become into our everyday lives. Big Brother Britain indeed.

  8. gary Says:

    fight the database state and Jacqui Smith, the queen of ID- boooo hisssss!

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