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Gordon Brown continues to fail the British people

How on earth do we stop this mad man that is Gordon Brown. Not only was he the architect of the financial system and regulation that lead us into this disastrous mess, but he is also the man that believes, he is more qualified than anyone else, to get us out of it. This deluded man is convinced that he bears no responsibility for what happened, even though everyone else knows differently. This vain man even seeks to lecture the leaders of other countries on what they must do to overcome the economic meltdown that is happening around our ears. This inept little man constantly tells the people of this country that the problems that have beset the United Kingdom are a direct result of economic and commercial mis-management in other countries, such as the United States. This incompetent man has the temerity to inform us that we are best placed to “weather the financial storm“. Yet he knows that this is not true and, that notwithstanding, no other economic expert agrees with his assessment. No doubt this could explain why it is that Gordon Brown has never told us why we are in a better position.

Gordon Brown, the unelected the prime minister of this country is a fool. He was a very poor Chancellor, arguably one of worst in our history. He has built on that well earned description by becoming one of the poorest, most incompetent prime ministers in recent times and there are plenty of former PM’s that could have been considered for that award. Any good leader would not assume that only he has all the answers and yet, Mr Brown constantly spouts on about the fact that he has the solutions and is best qualified to lead us out of this deep recession. A good leader would surround himself with knowledgeable people, not loyal soldiers, yes men and women, or business people seeking a knighthood or peerage for their ‘services’. Any good leader would know that a top team would always challenge the status quo, keep them on their toes, ensure that they don’t start to believe their own publicity, question, cajole and nudge. Any good leader would not be cowed by strong people around them, but instead, seek their counsel, listen, question and heed. But, Gordon Brown has clearly demonstrated that he is NOT a good leader.

Let’s consider a few other things;

Gordon Brown, as Chancellor, was the architect of the tripartite arrangement formed between the Treasury, the FSA and the Bank of England. Yet it was the failure and inadequacies of this system which allowed interest rates to be reduced so low that a housing boom was inevitable. Each party failed to respond to the experts that had argued the housing bubble was unsustainable and there was likely to be a crash. It was the failure of this system that allowed banks to grow at a rapid rate utilising funds raised on the money markets rather than the more traditional route of saver deposits. It was the failure of this system that allowed banks to package new mortgage backed securities that were then traded, but so complicated; few people understood them or the associated risks. It was the failure of this system that permitted banks to create a culture driven by greed, short-term profits and rewarded with massive bonuses. It was this system, which was set up to control, regulate and manage the City and the economy that ultimately failed on all fronts. The architect of this tripartite arrangement was Gordon Brown and he is ultimately responsible, instead, each party points the finger at another in the triangle. Not one party has had the humility or honesty to admit any form of responsibility.

Yet Gordon Brown’s incompetence is every where, for example; In spite of experts advising him of the risks, it was Gordon Brown that raided private sector pension funds. Perhaps in the belief that private sector pensions were the preserve of the rich, rather than millions of ordinary hard-working people. In doing so, he has raised around £175bn in tax revenues. But, at what cost? Roughly two thirds of (private sector) final salary pension schemes have been closed to new members, large company pension schemes have ended up with massive deficits. Pension schemes have collapsed and, of course, those within the private sector that have not been protected by employers pumping more money in will receive much smaller pensions. Meanwhile, Gordon Brown has done nothing about the public sector final salary pension schemes, the majority of which are not funded through an annuity, but out of future tax revenues. The latest estimates put the public sector pension liabilities at a staggering £1,071bn, that is correct, BILLION. As a consequence on the government’s inaction, the ‘average’ pension enjoyed by someone in the public sector is nearly 15 times higher than that of the private sector. Another blinder from the iron chancellor that was supposed to be Gordon Brown.

Here are a few other things that Gordon Brown either presided over, or influenced as part of the government machine;

  1. Introduced more stealth taxes than any other chancellor in history, equivalent to an extra 10p in the Pound on the basic rate of tax (source: Grant Thornton).
  2. Solld the UK’s gold reserves at the bottom of the market ignoring expert advice not to.
  3. Introduced ‘green taxes’ in the full and certain knowledge that any revenues gained were not destined to be invested in green initiatives. Yet another successful stealth tax to add to the collection. If you are starting to feel a little duped, then read on, I haven’t finished with Mr Brown yet!
  4. Successfully achieved the goal of becoming prime minister without going through the inconvenience of being elected by the people. This in spite of the fact that New Labour gained their substantial commons majority with 57% of the voters supporting another party. So much for the benefits of our First Past The Post electoral system.
  5. Was party to the sell out of the UK’s sovereignty to an unaccountable foreign ‘parliament’, in spite of a manifesto promise to allow the public to decide through a referendum.
  6. Destroyed the union and in the process, ensured that his countrymen received more money per head than those in England and Wales.
  7. Missed virtually every financial growth target announced in each successive budget without so much as a murmur from the press.
  8. Successfully managed to dupe the press into believing that he was an iron chancellor driven by prudence, when in fact he was a spendthrift.
  9. As the architect and driver of the revised PFI initiative originally proposed by the conservatives, saddled the country with a bill of £170bn which must be paid by 2032. Without having to include the figure as part of the public sector balance sheet.
  10. Managed to keep the £780bn public pensions deficit off the books, even though this is equivalent to over £30,000 per household and must be paid out of future tax receipts. Estimates of this deficit have now been increased to over £1trillion.
  11. Managed, without any consideration of the irony, to lecture people on their level of borrowings, whilst building up nearly £500bn of debt on the governments own ‘credit card’. If other recent liabilities are taken into account, this figure would rise substantially over £1trillion.
  12. Introduced and supported a complicated tax credit programme that has managed to lose £2bn every year through fraud and errors.
  13. Left the taxpayer saddled with £1.7bn of Metronet’s debt having been the person that pushed through the Private Public Partnership initiative for the London Underground.
  14. Managed to convince the public that local authorities were responsible for the doubling of council tax. Meanwhile he was actually placing responsibility for all additional services firmly with the local councils.
  15. Managed a real blinder, by camouflaging the inflation rate by changing the measurement from RPI to CPI.
  16. Underwritten £17bn of debt for Network Rail, without having to include it on the public balance sheet.
  17. Survived the embarrassment of claiming in March 2006 that 31,000 government employees had been trimmed off the payroll, whilst the Office for National Statistics claimed one month later, that the headcount had actually increased by 62,000 a difference of 93,000!
  18. Managed to introduce such a complex set of rules and regulations, designed to extract maximum tax take that the annual Finance Act (summary of tax changes in the budget) has increased from 300 pages or so in the 1980’s to over 10,000.
  19. At a time when businesses are struggling and people are having to tighten their belts, presided over a government that boasts some 78 acres of empty space in office buildings and grace and favour homes.
  20. Managed to push another 3.5m people into the higher income tax bracket, using a favoured trick of ‘fiscal drag’, where the tax threshold is raised more slowly than earnings are rising, so that workers end up paying a higher proportion of their income in tax.
  21. Twice shifted the timing of the ‘economic cycle’ in order that the so called “golden rule” would not be missed, resulting in a brazen massaging of the figures.
  22. Ensured that there are now twice as many tax collectors as there are nurses, demonstrating firmly where the government’s priorities lie.
  23. Masterfully convinced people that they are “better off under Labour” even though each family now pays more than £5,000 in extra tax, compared to 1997.

Then let’s take a look at how he has ‘fixed’ things, telling us how at least he was “doing something” as opposed to the Conservatives, who are, according to the supreme leader Mr Brown, the “do nothing party“.

He invested £billions of our money into the Royal Bank of Scotland, who are now expected to report a loss of £28bn. What level of due diligence was exercised before our money was invested into a bank with such massive liabilities? Now, we have a similar story with HBOS, here, losses have been reported at £11bn, same thing, did the government complete any due diligence prior to investing our money? I am not so worried about Lloyds TSB, they must answer to their shareholders, government and Gordon Brown must answer to the taxpayers.

Yet still more £billions of OUR money has been invested into the banking system by Gordon Brown, with the specific aim of easing lending to consumers and business as well as freeing up inter-bank lending. But this has come to nothing. Not satisfied with spending this money, yet more £billions has been pledged or spent on a bank ‘insurance scheme’ and, as is the nature of insurance, we can never truly know the extent of that commitment, other than the fact that with Gordon Brown’s track record, we know it will exceed all expectations. Over £1trillion has been spent or committed, for nothing, we have not been able to see ANY tangible benefit, in terms of what Mr Brown TOLD us we could expect.

In other words, he told us that our money was going to be used to achieve a specific objective or goal and nothing has happened. This time however, Gordon Brown has outdone himself, because nowhere in history, has a single politician spent so much money for so little, or more accurately, no return. Yet he is still there, grinning like a Cheshire cat and snarling at anyone who would dare question his actions. Anyone with an ounce of commonsense, for example, would have known that a 2.5% reduction in VAT would have little or no effect, set against a backdrop of high street retailers discounting up to 50% off the ticket price. But this arrogant little man went ahead, and as a consequence, he has wasted another £12.5bn or our money.

In the last week, much has been said about the fact that many of our most senior bankers have no relevant, professional qualifications. But ask yourself this, what qualifications has Gordon Brown got, (or did he have) that would qualify him to determine our economic future? None, zilch. He would normally be considered to have been qualified by experience, but just look above and you will see what his ‘experience’ leads to. The appointment of an inexperienced politician to the position of Chancellor of what was the 5th largest economy in the world, is akin to asking an engineering apprentice to act as Finance Director of BP.

But we are in a democracy; surely we don’t have to put up with this?

How naive we are as a people, we have been told we are in a democracy and we believed them. What type of democracy allows the coronation of a new prime minister, without any reference to the electorate? What type of democracy allows a party that received just 43% of the vote to have such a massive parliamentary majority? What type of democracy provides the PM with so much power, that he can spend or commit £1trillion without even referring the matter to a commons vote? What type of democracy allows its prime minister to continue damaging the country, its economy and its prospects without any way for the people to put a stop to it? What type of democracy allows a government to renege on a manifesto promise, without any form of recourse from the electorate?

What type of democracy allows a government to force through intrusive and overbearing legislation designed to spy on its own citizens, monitor their travel arrangements, emails, telephone calls, vehicle movements, medical records and share that information with another 780 government and private agencies? What type of democracy allows its government to shatter long held rights to privacy and liberty virtually unchallenged, to the detriment of the people? What type of democracy provides its people with no opportunity to impeach its leader if that person is considered to be acting against the interests of the majority? IT IS NOT A DEMOCRACY, it is an authoritarian dictatorship that serves the government of the time and not the people. We all need to catch a wake up, our whole parliamentary system needs a radical overhaul and members of parliament need to be reminded that they are supposed to serve the people, not themselves. If ever there was a case for the people of this country to have the power to push an eject button, this is it.

We, the people of this country need a way of bringing down a government or removing any minister that fails to act in our best interests, lies, or bullshits, not at a time that suits them, but when it suits us. Better still, we need to be ruled by people like us, not the self-serving, inward looking, expense grabbing, ego driven, twats that are currently lording it over us all. This description is not, of course, limited to the Labour Party, there are many people within other parties that simply do not give a toss about the electorate, other than once every 5 years or so when they would rely on our votes.

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23 Comments For This Post

  1. CJ Says:

    Exactly what I’ve been saying for a long time, but with some beautiful detail added. Well done! Not that Gordon Brown gives a damn what any of us think!

  2. Frustrated Voter Says:

    @ CJ: Thanks for your comments. Lets hope that more people will start to wake up to what is going on and what has gone on, even if GB doesn’t take any notice.

  3. Chris H Says:

    Difficult to give a response to such a detailed article, other than a resounding pat on the back for the effort.

    I think the main reason the current government has got away with so much is that they have been relatively unchallenged by all Opposition parties. That is worrying. However, it is a known fact that regular debate in Parliament is constantly stifled by “holidays”, preventing any serious disruption—-er, I mean debate, by the Opposition. Government has also developed the obnoxious knack of ignoring all critics, including the population, and simply ploughing ahead with whatever it sees fit to do.
    Stealth is used to bring in laws….I read somewhere that there are about four new ones every week….and really important issues are shoved through Parliament under cover of other sensational headlines. This is a government that has used every weasly trick in the book to duck and dive its way through life, month after month. We have had many manipulative ministers in past years, but never so much so concentrated into one period.

    Brown appears to have continued his Chancellor’s tweakings even though no longer in Number 11. Only someone with an insider knowledge of government finance could have manipulated so many fiddles and cover-ups.

    I’m embarrassed to say here that I am actually due a (cough) civil service pension in a few years’ time….HOWEVER, before someone wields their bloodied axe over my head, I have to stress that the pension aint for very much money, in fact it’ll be less than the state pension value, so not exactly “gold-plated”.

    There will always be people who don’t wake up; and sadly they will go out next time and vote Labour because they’re too scared to take a chance in life and vote for change. I think we agree that Labour has to go. Whether the Conservatives will be worse, or not, I really can’t say without a crystal ball; I would never vote Labour anyway; but it takes courage to create change. No government will ever be perfect. Have the UK people got that courage?

  4. Frustrated Voter Says:

    @ Chris H: Thank you for your comments. I agree, there are many examples of legislation going through because of holidays or arrangements between the parties. Yet the whole point of a parliament is that important matters, including legislation can be debated and/or challenged, it just doesn’t seem to work that way anymore. This government has even taken to including legislation that removes or restricts privacy and liberty in obscure acts, such as the innocent sounding Coroners Bill, it is simply unacceptable.

    I don’t begrudge anyone, public sector or otherwise, a pension, particularly if it is part of their contractual remuneration. There does, however, have to be a balance between what the state can afford and what it pays, public sector wages have risen since 1997 and so have the pension benefits. This means that the average wage within the public sector is now higher than the private sector, but because this government did not treat public and sector employees equally in terms of pensions, the differences are substantial, unsustainable and no longer fair or equitable. I cannot blame anyone in the public sector for accepting what is rightly theirs, but the government does need to address the issue for the long term, perhaps closing the ‘final salary’ aspect to newcomers, as has been done in the private sector. No sector should be immune from the financial realities.

    I hope that people will vote for change, though like you, whilst I know that this cannot be delivered by the Labour Party, I have yet to see a commitment to change from the Conservatives. In many ways, they (the Conservatives) just seem to be offering more of the same wrapped up in different terminology. What is different however is that the Conservatives appear willing to listen, whilst Gordon Brown & Co are continuing to lecture!

  5. CuriouslyInspired Says:

    The frustrations are building up rapidly for all of us! What is going to happen when we reach and exceed boiling point?

    Whilst I’ve not yet had a chance to digest your article in detail, given its level of detail (and I look forward to that) it seems that I was just writing some similar content today on my site (inasmuch as leadership of the banking sector goes anyway).

    The headline I used is that “Gordon Brown is an arsonist posing as a firefighter”. I think it’s a terrific analogy for what is happening – these are the true colours of “our saviour” Gordon.

    If you have a minute, check out
    and let me know your thoughts

  6. Frustrated Voter Says:

    @ CuriouslyInspired: Thanks for your comments and yes, I agree, there is a lot of detail, but as I know you will appreciate, Mr Brown has had a long time to do a proper job of destroying our country and he is anticipating that the good old British public will forget the detail. I am hoping that my post will act as a small reminder to us all. I love the analogy you have used and I will pop over shortly to have a look for myself.

  7. DepressedInUK Says:

    Given the poor economic record of this government and the attack on freedom of speech and civil liberties and the plans to monitor all phone calls, emails and internet usage and the other stupid autocratic policies you have disclosed.

    WHY Can’t we call an election, we are the tax payers after all, lets stop discussion what a waste of space the government is and throw them out !!!.

  8. Frustrated Voter Says:

    @ DepressedInUK: It is a fair question and one that I have asked before. Unfortunately, unlike the American constitution, our laws only allow us to hold politicians to account once every 5 years. The only other alternative we have is civil disobedience. However, there does appear to be a growing mood towards legal protest…can’t wait!

  9. Matthew H Says:

    Gordon Brown is stuck in a huge hole and instead of looking for a ladder his blinkered view only permits him to debate which size of shovel he should use to keep digging.

  10. Frustrated Voter Says:

    @ Matthew H: Yes, I couldn’t agree more. Time for a change I think.

  11. Sumera W Says:

    Gordon Brown is a big dissapointment. I cant believe how lightly he’s taking the current situation and to add to that, is new scandals every day. I’s rather see Cameron as new PM than him.

    Yes i agree he was “big” in 1997 but some people are better as followers than leaders. Lets admit Brown doesn’t has the style or charisma to be the leader and nor do his words reach to the people of United Kingdom, well not to me at least. Because of his failures BNP is seeking a seat in parliament which is not a good news. What this country needs is a new leader and most importantly a young leader.

  12. Frustrated Voter Says:

    @ Sumera W: Yes, Gordon Brown has been a complete disappointment, but in my view as a tax raising, spendthrift Chancellor as well as PM. His legacy will be the bill we have to pay for the next two generations and the damage both he and Tony Blair have done to politics and democracy in this country. In 11 years, they have done more economic damage than in 2 world wars. I cannot wait to see the back of ‘New’ Labour.

  13. Andrew Lewis Says:

    Something else that should be added to that list.

    Labour allowed Lloyds TSB to give new Formula One team Manor Motorsport (now Virgin F1 Racing) £15 million while small companies struggled to get finance with many going under

  14. Ken Parker Says:

    Your comments are as I understand the correct position to be, but I would add:
    The failure of the present economic position as has arisen in both the U.S.A. AND THE U.K. (we are concerned here with Gordon Brown’s mis-management of the U.K. economy) has been brought about by loose control of interest rate changes, which led to business failures when altered interest expenses arising within businesses, together with employment failures, resulted in the collapse of property prices because too many properties were repossessed and down-loaded on the property market exceeding any practical demand. this can be proved by preparing a summary of the happenings in the immediate years leading to the current crisis (those before 2008) of interest rate changes, coupled with changes arising in oil, fuel and power (which affected the whole community adversely). There is no difference between the present recession and those which occurred in the late 1980’s, the 1970’s, and the earlier disastrous polucies of the Wilson Governments of the 1960’s – except that there no evil bankers or suspect bank bonus schemes at that time that could be blamed for those collapses. Gordon Brown today endeavours to blame the banks instead of admitting that today’s failures have been brought about by his own poor policies.

  15. Frustrated Voter Says:

    @ Ken Parker: Yes, thank you for your additional comments and observations which are, also true. The only point I would seek to clarify is that since the Labour Government came into power, interest rates have been set by the Bank of England, so I am not sure if we can blame Gordon Brown for that particular apsect of the failure.

    However, it is clear that it has been a whole serioes of issues that hace cause these problems, banks being just one part of it…but house price inflation certainly fueled peoples feeling of wealth and anyone could see that the growth in the enconomy was effectively based on equity releases, which was for the most part ‘borrowed’ money.

    Ultimately, Gordon Brown cannot deny that he could not see this, because everyone else did. Interest rate rises, even modest ones, could have controlled this, as you rightly point out.

  16. D. Florentine Says:

    I’m not so convinced.
    I see your point, Brown caused the banking crisis etcetera etcetera. Nonetheless…the current economic state, as ken Parker correctly points out, stems from a lack of regulation – a very TORY quality, oui?
    I think it’s silly to claim that the Conservatives will do any better, or predicted this any sooner than Labour did. In fact, if you want to get techinical about it, the Lib Dems were the first party to raise the issue, as such.
    At the end of the day, it’s unfortunate that an adoption of some very traditional Conservative policies, in the form of New Labour, has simultaneously wrecked the economic climate and lost all trace of Labour’s supposed socialist values.
    I think the methods the Conservatives have laid down in their attempt to deal with the crisis are proof that they in no sense represent the ‘people’.
    I don’t know who i’ll be voting for at the next general election, but it sure as hell won’t be David Cameron.

  17. John Kennedy Says:

    I read this now, a year after it was published. It’s a year on and it’s no better in fact it just seems to get worse.

    It is sad to say everything that you have said is so true. After reading it I felt depressed and frustrated.

    The only good thing is there is a general election not far away and hopefuly we shall say goodbye to Mr Brown.

  18. Frustrated Voter Says:

    @ D. Florentine: Well, of course, I haven’t suggested that the Conservatives will do any better…although I accept that others have! You are correct about the lack of regulation, because that is not a defence, any responsible Government will understand that they have a duty of care and therefore, they had a responsibility to provide oversight. This Labour Government did not…therefore they remain responsible. if it had been the Conservatives in power at the time, I would have been writing the same thing about them.

    I am not convinced that the Conservatives have the answers to this crisis…in fact, the only person that seems to make sense is Vince Cable (LD). These types of problems come when the Government stop listening to the people and to independent experts. This Government was one which felt it could walk on no wrong, but in the end, they demonstrated they couldn’t. No surprise there!

    The bottom line, is I think many people will struggle to decide on who to vote for, because none of the parties look appealing…in the end, it will be the party that is dislkiked the least that gets into power, not the party that the citizens of this country belive in. It is a very, very sad state of affairs.

  19. Frustrated Voter Says:

    @ John Kennedy: I agree..I would like to see Brown and this discredited Government gone…I just can’t see that there are any ‘good alternatives’…yes, there are alternative parties…but none of them seem to be telling us the whole turth. Imn many ways, I don’t care, so long as Brown is banished to history.

  20. Da Ebayman Says:

    I’ll be tweeting this and would say that anyone who agrees with ‘Frustrated Voter’ should do the same so that this info gets around to more people. Let’s try and ensure that GORDON is gone in a FLASH !!!!

    Good write up.

  21. Stressed Single Mum Says:

    It’s unbelievable that with all this that has gone on and price of petrol/diesel going through the roof each and every day, that Gordon Brown is seeking reelection (Oh sorry election, HE WAS NEVER ELECTED). If anyone meets him can they ask him why he is pretending that all is well when it clearly isn’t. Petrol is £1.22 in my area and I’m finding it progressively difficult to move around to take my girls to school in my car. With the NI that is also set to increase, as a working single mother it’s even more unbearable. I’ve decided that if LABOUR win the PM elections on May 6, I will join the crowd by resigning and claiming benefit. The people that do are actually better off. NOT MY NATURE but the environment is certainly changing me thanks to the ineptitude of Gordon Brown, his government and the policies they are putting up.

  22. Frustrated Voter Says:

    @ Stressed Single Mum: I agree with you, Gordon Brown has no conception of the monster he has created…it can cardly be called a “more equal society” when people are better off claiming benefits than they are working. The man is inept and in denial…this is a very dangerous combination. I don’t think much of the other party leaders either, but I want Gordon Brown gone…now I have to choose who I dislike the least. If this is democracy, then they can shove it!!

  23. Frustrated Voter Says:

    @ Da Ebayman: Thanks for your support!

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