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ONSET a profiling tool that discriminates based on probability

What a pity that there has been so little publicity and therefore outrage at this Governments introduction of a new child profiling tool called ONSET, which will profile our children to determine whether they are likely to become a young offender. This Government has spent an inordinate amount of time, effort and legislative time to ensure that people are not discriminated against based on their gender, sexuality, race or religion and yet, they seek to justify a profiling system that will identify potential child offenders based on their background.

What, you may ask, will they do with this information when they have it? Will they ‘tag’ potential offenders, monitor their movements, track their mobile phone calls, internet habits, email etc? Will they blacklist these ‘potential offenders’ from working in the public sector, or certain jobs, or will they issue a presumptuous ASBO? Does anyone truly believe that State authorities will not use this information for some discriminatory purpose? When did our right to be innocent until proven guilty disappear, perhaps it was with the introduction of the new detention without trial laws? I don’t know, but there is something seriously wrong with society and people in general if they are prepared to allow the State so much power, that they can do whatever they want. Our reluctance to do or say anything is a betrayal of future generations, because one thing is absolutely certain, no government will ever give up these new powers willingly.

What have our local members of parliament been doing when legislation of this type is introduced, perhaps there is a clue in the fact that unless it is Prime Ministers Questions, parliament is virtually empty. Little wonder that contempt for MP’s has turned into outright hatred as they spend more and more time looking at how they can screw their expenses to maximise their earnings, rather than doing what they are paid for. As for the opposition parties, what have they been doing whilst all this has been going on? Their job is to hold the government to account, they too have failed the people of this country.

Keeping a roof over our heads, food on the table and earning a living are logical and understandable priorities, but to ignore other massive issues such as our fundamental right to freedom, liberty and a right to live our lives without an overbearing state is simply parlous. If we cannot enjoy our freedom and liberty, what is the point in it all? Like it or not, the state is pimping off the people, demanding ever more money. The bottom line is, that the State Pimp lives off the backs of honest hardworking citizens, but the State Pimp also knows, that at some stage, the people will rise and ask why Government needs to take over 50% of our earned income in direct and indirect taxation?

To minimise state risk, they must exert more and more control over its citizens and the introduction of ONSET, DNA Databases, call and email monitoring, registration of travel information and so on is giving them precisely that. For those that think this is scaremongering, perhaps they should ask themselves why it is now, that Jacqui Smith has ordered 10,000 Tasers for all front line police officers?

ONSETis the thin end of the wedge. Though I am not advocating the LibDems as a party worthy of our vote, they are introducing the Freedom Act which is designed to roll back some 20 years of increasing state interference in our everyday lives, by repealing legislation. We should all be writing to our respective MP’s and insisting that they support this proposal.

Update: For more information

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  1. CJ Says:

    We might have been “innocent until proven guilty” in the eyes of the law and on paper, but none of us ever was in the eyes of the police, that’s why so many mistakes have happened – decide who’s guilty and then find the evidence, not always the other way round.

    As to the explosion in youth crime – if we’re generalising, I can exlain that to the government in just a few words: kids born of crap parents (not necessarily poor ones) into a “nanny” society with successive useless governments all of whom don’t give a toss; badly educated or not at all; and so grow up without any sense of the value of: self, others, responsibility, or anything else, or any realistic hope and/or aspiration to do well in that society. What would they expect?

  2. CJ Says:

    As far as ONSET itself goes – now many of our kids truly are damned from birth! High ONSET probability rating: the new “black” for discrimination.

  3. Shrewdy Says:

    If I can calm down enough for a few seconds…

    This is nothing but pre-crime/thought crime. It is a gross abrogation of our responsibilities to the hopes and dreams of our children should we let this stay.

    Do you have any links for this or any documentation as to when it was voted on in parliament (if at all!)????

    We need to get this out there fast.

    This control is wanted for one reason and one reason only…is there something brewing?


  4. Shrewdy Says:

    CJ – Amen!

  5. Frustrated Voter Says:

    @ Shrewdy: I know, I was also very angry, so I am sure my post had a few grammatical errors. The Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust covered this in a recent article, you can find more information here: I hope others will be as angry as we are.

  6. Frustrated Voter Says:

    @ CJ: yes, this is just blatant discrimination, judging kids based on where they live, their parents, education and so on. How on earth are they to have a real chance in life if they have already been tagged. I don’t know how this new ‘tool’ came about, but the first I heard of it was when it was covered in the JRRT article. Are we now kept in the dark about anything and everything that can or may impact our lives or those of our children. This issue needs to be publicised and highlighted for the way it pre-judges future generations.

  7. Charlie Says:

    Well said CJ.

    The fact that few people seem to have heard of this database clearly shows where we are heading at the moment. I am not sure how the Government can legally do this, but this is the problem. They pass laws under false pretences and use the powers we grant them for everything but what they were intended for.

    We need some kind of system where they have to account for every penny spent, rather than waiting for a Freedom of Information request to give us a snippet of information about what is going on (especially as they are trying to exempt themselves).

  8. CD Says:

    Welcome to the REAL New World Order. Where your children are assessed for their criminal potential and their lives monitored and micro-managed “just in case” that potential should ever emerge. (Why do you think Govt is so keen on getting their hands on everyone’s DNA, for example? DNA is the Word of God in human form; each and every one of us is a unique creature and DNA is our personal coding).
    Legislation like this is usually passed quietly through Parliament, buried underneath other seemingly more important topics. Labour has stifled all meaningful debate by stealthily fiddling the Parliamentary routines and calling for longer MP holidays, thereby preventing and thwarting all efforts by Opposition to call them to account for many things. In fact they are the most fiddling, evil stealthy govt I’ve ever seen in my life.
    Many of these dreadful threats to our privacy and life-quality have escalated since Brown took the PM’s post. Almost from that very day we began to hear more and more about the inroads being made into our lives; databases, id cards, travel monitoring….you know it all as well as I do, I dont need to write it again. Brown is a very dangerous man, he wields the power to chain every man, woman and child in this country to the yoke of obedience and submission. Yet he is likely driven by others in the background, un-named and more powerful than he is.
    Brown and co must be removed from power. They are destroying British society, weakening it and making it ready for merger with the EU; a politician’s dream, political, legal and monetary union; unless YOU vote them out next time round, this is what you will get and you can say goodbye to your children’s security as innocent young humans. You’ve been warned.

  9. Frustrated Voter Says:

    @ CD: You are right of course, we all have a responsibility to remove New Labour at the next election, it is a pity that we can do nothing before then.

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