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Big Brother Britain goes mobile in Manchester

Not satisfied with 4.2m CCTV cameras, speed cameras and ANPR, the Greater Manchester Casualty Reduction Partnership has now introduced (as a pilot) a Smart Car complete with high level CCTV camera. The aim is to catch errant motorists that speed, use a mobile phone, park illegally or commit any other form of motoring offence. Drivers can then expect to receive, in the post, a fine and/or penalty notice which could carry 3 points.

At a time when the public struggle to get the police to act when they are the victim of a burglary, anti-social behaviour, fraud or criminal damage, the police have decided to continue persecuting drivers, simply because they are an easy target and the police can claim to have detected, investigated and prosecuted another crime. Great for their clear up rates! However, this type of prosecution (or persecution) lacks any interaction with the public, therefore it is likely to create even more resentment between the police and the public at a time when they need all the support they can get.

Of course, this type of system will only be able to trace and prosecute people that are, for the most part, law abiding. This is because these types of cameras rely entirely on the registration number and as we all know, there are over 1m vehicles on the road where the drivers have no insurance and/or bogus registered keeper details. So the serious criminals will be simply get away with it. I am not defending law breaking, instead I am advocating a programme where the police treat all crime seriously, rather than placing so much resource behind a single section of the community, because is is easier to secure a ‘hands up’ prosecution.

At a time of economic mayhem, increased cases of serious crime and terrorist threats, the police, presumably supported by politicians, make clear where their primary focus will remain. Targeting easy crime. Of course these cameras won’t just take pictures of errant motorists, operating constantly, they cannot discriminate between an errant motorist and someone going about their normal business. So must we all acccept that, if extended, we must allow ourselves to be monitored by 4.2m CCTV cameras, as well as mobile cameras?

Big Brother Britain is getting out of hand. Everything we do and say is being monitored and stored, this does not feel like a free and democratic country, instead is seems like we are in a police state. Civil liberty campaigners are often derided, as are those that claim we are moving to a police state, but take my word for it, in a few years time, the people of this country will realise that far from being reactionary, these people were visionary…and unlike our politicians, they have been speaking the truth.

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  1. CD Says:

    Funny how many people are actually welcoming this extra intrusion into their lives. I’m afraid we may have reached a point where people are now so dumb that they would happily commit suicide if the government requested it. Anyone who’s read the HYS section at the BBC website can see how many folk are actually delighted at seeing more cameras. In the same way that people are scared of the dark and demand millions of extra street-lights, so now it is with spy-cameras, they are being psychologically conditioned to accept them and actually feel insecure without them.
    What a sad state the human being has fallen into. I have to say that, looking back over the last four years, the deterioration in our freedoms has escalated extremely rapidly. British people are meek, subservient and easily manipulated, they are in fact an insult to the power and glory of the truly enlightened individual. I think we should fight our own corners now and leave the baa-baa sheep to their fate.

  2. Frustrated Voter Says:

    @ CD: Sadly you are right. But, this current generation appears to forget that it owes a responsibility to future generations to ensure that our rights and liberties are retained. The majority are letting down future generations and people that care about liberty and freedom are seen as reactionaries, although of course, that is what the Government spin doctors want. I truly hope that people wake up and see what is happening, one thing is for certain, our MP’s are too spineless or able to do anything about it.

  3. CJ Says:

    Sadly, all that’s absolutely true. The simple fact is that vast numbers of people in the UK have got so used to the Nanny State doing everything for them from providing their meals, housing, medical care and everything else (practically up to wiping their noses, etc.) that is has been a very simple matter for Big Brother’s “Fearful Brigade” to brainwash huge numbers of Brits into believing all the crap they come out with about so many things. That includes making so many rules about driving that most normal drivers are more likely now to have an accident because they spend an awful lot of their time concentrating on not committing an offense, rather than driving safely.

    This all has a number of what the government sees as desirable results: primarily, the more scared people are of everything including their own shadows, the easier they are to control! Plus, the more they will accept horrific intrusion into their lives in order to keep them “safe” from the “supposed” threats. Additionally, so long as people are worried and afraid, they won’t query too much about their “protectors”.

    It’s all in the book “1984” written by George Orwell and published in 1949 – in detail – and this government more than any other we’ve had so far appears to be using it as a blueprint of how to control the people! The author of 1984 described himself as a “Democratic Socialist” and saw his work as an attack on Facism and Communism. Well, if he saw what he wrote about as Communist and Facist, what does that make current UK Labour Government? Communist? Facist? Or a combination of the worst excesses and failings of both together?

  4. Frustrated Voter Says:

    @ CJ: Orwell was right of course, but the “if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear” brigade seem to be winning the argument for the time being. It will only be later, when it is too late, that people will start to reliase just how much of OUR liberties they have given up.

  5. ED Says:

    The UK isn’t heading towards a becoming police state – it already is one.

    Top 10 list of police state measures:

    Local councils in the UK now put RFID tags in rubbish bins to monitor the amount of waste created by each household with a view to enforcing a “recycling tax.”

    The UK government has now put a RFID chip into passports and the Oyster card records details on every journey made.

    Drivers will have an RFID chip installed in their car and be forced to pay for every mile they drive.

    Do you want to make your voice heard? Well, if you want to protest in the centre of London you now have to apply for permission from the police.

    The government now plans to install X-Ray cameras in a bid to combat “terrorism”.

    Children can now have their biometric data taken from them at school without their parents consent.

    There are now cameras that shout orders at people who “misbehave” in the street.

    Schools justify the complete loss of privacy for children by saying it cuts down on vandalism and bullying.

    Police now want powers to take DNA samples from people on the street for petty offences such as speeding or dropping litter.

    Under section 44 of the Terrorism Act police officers can search you without the need to show that an offence is being committed. Not only that, but even if you are innocent you can be held for 28 days without charge.

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