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Is Gordon Brown about to make another Balls up?

Rumours are abound that Gordon Brown intends to complete a cabinet reshuffle either, at the end of this week, or during the course of next week, especially if, as expected, Labour get a drubbing at the local and EU elections.

What has shocked me however, is that Gordon Brown is said to be considering promoting Ed Balls to Chancellor of the Exchequer. If he does that, then there really is a strong case for someone to send the men in white coats to Downing Street. So, from The Undertaker to The Clown, little wonder this country is in such a mess! Now I accept that Ed Balls is Brown’s best buddy, god know he needs them, but Balls is completely inept. His idea of selling something to the public is to keep repeating himself in the hope that we will get worn in submission. Ed Balls can barely string a sentence together, he is a poor commons debater, a useless TV performer and, lets face it, his first ministerial post as Schools Secretary has hardly been a success. In fact, the only ‘success’ he can claim is his innate ability to shift the blame onto others.

Loyalty, obedience and arse licking may be fine attributes for a dog, but not a Chancellor. Moving from Alistair Darling to Ed Balls can only be described as going from The Undertaker, to The Clown. At a time when this country is an economic basketcase, we need the very best available in the role of Chancellor, not another puppet. Some may claim that Ed Balls has experience because of his time at the Treasury, but he was just a messenger boy there, so he can more claim to be a Chancellor than an orator can claim to be a writer. If Gordon Brown decided to appoint Ed Balls to Chancellor then it is quite clear Brown has no interest in this country or the people of this country, his primary interest is himself and his buddies. One or two commentators have suggested that Ed Balls is highly respected in the City, so, my first question is, WHY? The second is how come so many people within the City are going on record to say the opposite?

Apart from the fact that Ed Balls does not possess the skills, gravitas or experience to take on the role of Chancellor, there is also the question of his moral rectitude. Ed Balls is married to Yvette Cooper and they both claim the Additional Cost Allowances for their London property, which they have designated as their second home, albeit not at the maximum rate, but they only need one home, don’t they? Similarly, between them, it is reported that they claim £600 per month in food allowances. Whilst what they have done is “within the rules”, the fact remains that they have nominated three different properties in two years to be their main residence. With both in ministerial posts, they have a combined salary of nearly £300,000 per year, they are hardly destitute nor are they in desperate need of the Additional Cost Allowances. Can this be described as prudence? Can we really trust a man that is quite willing to work the rules to maximise his allowances to seek value for the taxpayer? I don’t think so.

Gordon Brown is finished, but if he wants to demonstrate that he is also a complete idiot, then all he needs to do is appoint Ed Balls as Chancellor.

On a side note, I am please that char lady to the Police, Jacqui Smith is to quit at the next Cabinet reshuffle, but given she was expected to go anyway, all this is designed to do is allow her to leave with dignity. But we know the truth, she is, and always was, a useless Home Secretary who, instead of controlling and directing her departments, just became their gofer, char lady, bag holder. Good riddance. We now need a Home Secretary that does not believe in destroying individual liberty in a vain and discredited hope of reducing the risk of crime and terrorism.

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  1. xenophon Says:

    Balls is probably Brown’s most loyal cabinet stooge, it’s natural he should be promoted by the Dear Leader. It might be the shortest promotion in the history of UK politics – I’m putting my money on Brown getting knifed in the back by the end of the week.

    p.s. Love your site, really good work, thanks for commenting on my fledgling site and allowing me to find this stuff, a great read

  2. Frustrated Voter Says:

    @ xenophon: I think you may well be right, the knives are certainly our for Brown, but someone has to tell him! That should be fun. Thanks for your comments on my site, I enjoy finding new blogs to read and I look forward to visiting and commenting on your posts again.

  3. CD Says:

    The whole thing is a bloody joke. Brown needs certifying. Clinging desperately to his dream of being a PM. Frantically trying to gain time to spend more money that we aint got, and burn the boats, banks and bridges so that a likely future Tory government has nothing to use. He’s a maniac….or else he’s desperately trying to fulfil some hidden agenda that few people know about. I’ve never ever seen anything like it. A man who scorns the country’s people for the sake of his own career and ego….carries on spending when the debts are soaring and the country’s credit rating has plummeted…..and believes that WE STILL WANT HIM to stay in office to solve the problems!
    Jacqie Smith has gone, praise be; but will something more evil replace her? As for Ed Balls, well the press would have a field day with his surname.
    In “Star Trek”, captains could be certified unfit for duty by a medic and replaced by a second-in-command……only in this instance the s-i-c’s dont look too healthy either.

  4. Frustrated Voter Says:

    @ CD: Brown is indeed a desperate man and his insistence that he should hang on is delusional and undignified. However, we have to ask ourselves about the other members of the Cabinet who are sitting idly by and doing little of noting (Purnell aside). I have a suspicion that Bottler Brown will bottle when it comes to removing Darling, if he doesn’t and shows uncharacteristic strength then I think he will be finished.

  5. michael Says:

    xenophon said
    – I’m putting my money on Brown getting knifed in the back by the end of the week.

    Remember that New Labour cannot get rid of Brown without calling a general election. They really are stuck between a rock and a hard place – I am glad to say!
    New Labour dare not bring in another unelected leader. Mind you they do not seem to understand what they are doing so they may risk it.

    I am still puzzled by the idea that most labour MPs have, which is keep Brown in power to fix the problems that he caused! Its a joke. The man gets it all wrong over the years, resulting in the near collapse of the UK economy and giving us huge debt levels so that we have to have tax increases to pay the debt; and Labour want the same person to sort out the problems that he caused! Duh!!!!

  6. Frustrated Voter Says:

    @ michael: I agree, it is unbelievable that in spite of the damning verdict brought about in the local and European elections, that party grandees cannot see that we have had enough of the New Labour project and, more importantly, Gordon Brown. The public have made clear that 1., they don’t think that Gordon is the man to fix things and 2., they don’t want him or New Labour. Their collective arrogance in deciding that they know what is best for us is astounding!

  7. michael Says:

    Gordon Brown has proved on almost every measure that he has failed to govern the UK.
    How can New Labour fight an election based on what Cameron ‘might do’ when Brown has proved without dispute that he unable to govern the UK and has put us into recession and given us years of high taxes and reduced services to pay back the debts!

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