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David Cameron needs to up his game

It is clear that David Cameron need to up his game. In an interview with Jeff Randall, he was unable to explain a £72 billion spending commitment contained in last year’s pre-Budget report. For a man who seeks to become the CEO of UK Plc, this is an appalling situation. £72 billion accounts for more than 10% of the budget and this implies either a lack of understanding by Cameron or an inability or even an unwillingness to get involved in the detail. To put this £72 billion into perspective, it is 20 times the losses reported by RBS, the bank that is 84% owned by the UK taxpayer.

For those that believe that Cameron need not have a grasp on this detail, it is worth noting this £72 billion of taxpayers money was listed simply as “other”. I suspect that most, if not all us would have investigated or queried such a massive sum of money described as “other”…which is the equivalent of miscellaneous!

I have to say that I was embarrassed for Cameron and the people of this country that the ‘heir apparent’, did not seem to have a grasp of the financial for this country. Little wonder that the people of this country are starting to have doubts about whether the Conservative Party has the depth and the skills to take this country forward. I virtually guarantee, that is Cameron had been the CEO of a large company and was unable to answer such a fundamental question, that he would have been quickly ousted.

Granted, Gordon Brown has completely screwed this country with his so called fiscal and monetary policies, but what hope do we have if Cameron cannot demonstrate a clear understanding of this country’s finances. A good leader, CEO of Prime Minister, would have a clear and detail knowledge of the finances of the organisation that he heads.

If Cameron wants the people of this country to entrust him with our futures, then he must demonstrate that he has the capacity, ability, the knowledge and the skills to take us forward. He cannot, as he has done so many times in the past, simply rely on the failures of the existing Government. We all know that New Labour have failed us…what we want to know is that he and his team have the answers. If Cameron cannot grasp the fundamentals of finance, then he does not deserve to lead this country.

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  1. Gerrard Johnstone Says:

    I am sick and tired of unqualified people being put into places of great responsibility. No-one in the private sector would do it, so why do the people of this country have to accept it? It is scary that Cameron should fail to have a grasp of the nations finances when he keeps telling us how he and his party are what we need to get this country out of its financial mess. Really? Bring on Vince Cable, at least he is a former economist.

  2. jeff wiseman Says:

    with an election in the offing the voters of this country should ask themselves what is more important free care for the elderly or trident,the majority of our senior citizens have worked and contributed for 50 years,obviously the oil revenues have been squandered on half baked policies and have not benefitted the people,the present governments problem solving ethic is to throw money at the problems without any accountability,they say you get the government you deserve but the people of this country dont deseve the self centered,tarry fingered crop of mp’s we have now,people,country,party,self. an mp’s priority list.

  3. Frustrated Voter Says:

    @ Jeff Wiseman: I agree with your sentiments, but I will say this, we do not get the government we deserve, because the reality is, under our current electoral system, each successive government gets in with a large majority even though only a third of the voters supported them. In other words, two thirds did not!

    I still believe that we need to see the net for prospective MP’s widened so it reflects society…not in terms of race, gender or religion, but based on real people, living in the real world. Too many MP’s have little or no experience of life, business or the world.

  4. Anon Says:

    That’s all well and great, but what you’ve just mentioned is the chancellor’s job. You know, that guy who manages the public finance and lives next door to the PM? His name is George Osbourne.

    Can you really expect the Prime Minister, for whom the public finance is not his main forte, to tell you immediately on-the-spot where every last penny is going? Don’t be absurd.

    @Gerrard Johnstone: Replace Cameron with Cable? So we’d have an economist as a Prime Minister and George Osbourne still managing the public finance. That makes sense, right?

  5. Graham warwick Says:

    I was interested by the comments of your ‘frustrated voter’, but take issue at his dig regarding Gordon Brown. The Tories are very fond of blaming the world wide fiscal meltdown purely on the Labour party, but this is obviously ‘tosh’. The people to blame are the global money men: bankers, investment brokers, etc., and perhaps ‘Beelzebub’ himself, or do I mean President Bush and his Wall Street cronies – who knows? Certainly the policies of Alan Greenspan haven’t helped much, but then he can be regarded as a sort of trans-Atlantic Thatcherite; a term now identified with an evil, self serving, and grasping rapacity. Where Brown is to be held to account is in his failure to make at least the UK bankers pay through their overblown noses for the greed, arrogance, and stupidity they demonstrated when perpetrating the disaster they and they alone caused us all.

    However, to the point. Why should anyone be surprised at Cameron’s seeming ignorance? Whilst not raising accusations of malfeasance on the part of our august leaders, as if I would dare, I suspect that further investigation of this £72 billion would reveal an embarrassment for the government far in excess of the current blush on the PM’s cheek. Perhaps ‘frustrated voter’ could suggest to his/her local MP, with a copy to a respected newspaper (please not the Daily Mail), that they look into the matter further and require Cameron to provide an exact accounting. I bet they wouldn’t get too far. In the happy event that he could provide such an accounting, we still have more pressing problem.

    Long before the current crop of Parliamentarians occupied their governorship of this fair land, we were and still are the victims of a succession of fiscal policies that favour greed and individual entrepreneurship above social responsibility towards others resulting in a scramble for wealth at the expense of our fellow citizens, an ever widening gap between those who have wealth and those who do hot, an ever declining freedom to attain an acceptable level of social mobility, a depressingly deepening contempt for educational institutions based on social parity rather than an ability to pay, and the imminent demise of the NHS.

    Still, why should we worry, eh?

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