This website is the work of one man, one voice and one opinion on all things politics. It is simply my way of venting my frustration at the inability of our politicians to listen or take notice of the public. I say public, rather than the ‘people who put them there’ because the reality is, only a minority of the populous actually voted this bunch into power. I fully accept that this has also been the case in the past but the point, nonetheless, is a valid one.

I make no apologies if my views are controversial, they are not, however, designed to be offensive, though I fully accept that some people are ultra-sensitive, so I guess they should go elsewhere. I welcome the comments of others, they can also be controversial, you don’t even have to agree with me, but they should not be offensive.

Over time I shall include other useful information on this site but for the time being, it will be limited to the rantings of one man and I guess, the responses of others. Though not completely scientific, I intend to add a poll to each post to get a view on how many people agree with me and how many do not.

With a government and opposition parties lacking in imagination, ideas, policies and backbone, maybe one or two of them will find some useful ideas on this site that they can develop, or maybe even claim as their own, I don’t care so long as there is someone out there (in power) that is listening or in this case, reading.

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