Letter to MP regarding Data Communications Bill

MP’s Name
House of Commons
Data Communications Bill
I am writing to you to make clear in unequivocal terms that I object to the above proposal in terms of the additional powers it would provide the state. Specifically in relation to the storage and/or access to personal e-mail, internet use and telephone calls. Much to my chagrin, I understand that the police and intelligence agencies can already ask any telecommunication provider for information on phone calls, mobile texts, e-mail and internet sites visited. I am given to understand that whilst the information providers can currently query this request or, have it referred to an independent watchdog, the latest proposal even seeks to remove this right.
I consider the amount of personal information that the government, its agencies and the police can access already amounts to an infringement of the right to privacy that every British citizen should have and this Act, supported by previous Acts of Parliament, amount to a direct attack on all our civil liberties. I want to make clear that, whilst I have nothing to hide, I do not want the police, security services and other organs of the state to have access to more and more aspects of my private life. Nor will I be satisfied with the weak platitudes and assurances that normally accompany such draconian measures.
I want to make clear to you, that should you support this Act, I will not vote for you at the next election, irrespective of where you may stand on other issues. I believe it is high time that all members of parliament started to realise that the British public have had enough of the increasing state interference in our everyday lives, often, though not exclusively, under the auspices of counter-terrorism laws. Furthermore, you should be aware that, if you are elected to parliament at the next election, I will expect you and your fellow MP’s to consider the other Acts of Parliament that have been introduced at the expense of my civil liberties and privacy, with a view to either repealing these laws, or amending them so that control moves back to the people rather than the state.
I trust you will take this letter into account when this proposal comes up for debate and consider my other comments in respect of existing intrusive and draconian laws introduced under this Labour government.
Yours sincerely

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