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What deal has Labour done with the UK banks?

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What deal has Labour done with the UK banks?

This Labour government is not really known for getting a good deal for the taxpayer, so I am left wondering what sort of quid pro quo, is received by the UK taxpayer, in return for the monies that are being loaned or gifted to the banks. Let me explain.

The justification given by the government for the intervention of the Bank of England is that they need to get the credit market going, increase liquidity, encourage the banks to lend to one another etc. However, what guarantees have the Bank of England or the government sought from these banks? After all, no-one is claiming that it is now easier to get a loan, a bank overdraft, a mortgage and so on. Therefore, is it fair to assume that the banks are not using the money they have been loaned for the purpose it was provided, or is the government just lying to us? Or perhaps, no-one has though of including any pre-conditions for the loans, so that banks are just using this money to shore up their immediate cash flow issues?

The Bank of England has had to intervene by taking over the mortgage debt of Northern Rock and Bradford & Bingley, much of which would be termed sub-prime, or ‘dodgy’ if you are English. If we are to believe all that we are told, then the banking sector is so intertwined, that somewhere, another bank, or more likely several banks have benefited from the effective underwriting of this so-called toxic debt. So, what do we, the taxpayer, having taken on all this risk get in return?

Perhaps I am just missing the point here, I am not a banker, nor an economist. However, I am a taxpayer and as such, my signature has been used to underwrite these debts and therefore, I believe I deserve a full account of precisely what has been taken on in my name, the risks, returns and the conditions, if any. The government and the Bank of England keep using terminology that is foreign to me, why… have they got something to hide? Surely if they are going to use our money to bail our both the banks and the city, we deserve an explanation in laymans language, not just a doomsday scenario designed, in my view, to frighten us all into submission and asking as few questions as possible.

I don’t trust this government, they have consistently lied to the public, manipulated figures and misled us whenever they could get away with it. Then there is the Bank of England, which is run by bankers and economists, the former (bankers), the government would have us believe are in part responsible for this mess and the latter (economists), should perhaps have seen this disaster coming. Whatever the situation, this government is spending billions of pounds our money and we don’t know what chance we have of getting it back. We don’t know if they have secured any form of agreement in return, such as a loosening of consumer and business borrowing facilities, nor do we really understand the government or BoE’s primary objective, so at least, we could measure whether they had been successful on our behalf or not. No doubt this is the whole point, if they don’t tell us what they are trying to achive, we won’t know if or when they fail!

In spite of all this intervention by so called experts, the stock market has plummeted by some 7% at the time of writing this post, so something isn’t working. Worst still, we are given to understand that the Bank of England has intervened in the stock market to slow the decline, so does this mean that we have also had massive paper losses. My message to the Government and the Bank of England is that it is time to come clean with the shareholders of UK Plc…right now!

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